Early draft to a larger painting.

Amalienborg Palace is the winter residence of The Royal Family.
Situated between the city and the harbor, Amalienborg is a major work of Danish architecture designed by the architect Nicolai Eigtved in the 1750s. Four palaces surround Amalienborg Palace Square, with its equestrian statue of King Frederik V. The palaces were originally built as residences for four high-ranking aristocrats, but when the old Christiansborg Palace burnt down in 1794 the royal family took up residence at Amalienborg. Since then Denmark’s reigning monarchs have lived in Amalienborg’s palaces.

Christian VII’s Palace is Queen Margrethe II’s palace for guests and official receptions. The palace, which was built in 1750–54 for Count Adam Gottlob Moltke, forms the setting for official events such as the annual New Year Banquet.

Drawing and watercolor, 29 x 29 cm

One of my first drawings, to the Painting “ROYAL CLIMATE VIEW”, this is a creation of a specific image or series of images, forming the whole or part of a composition which I intend to complete by adding pigment color (paints, colored inks, etc). 

This denotes a completed stand-alone autonomous work.

jonas freydal

klimakunst climate change art
klimakunst climate change art