Europe Migrant Crises Sex Slavery

Their faces rising from the sea. Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, and sons.

Faces of terror, fear, faces of exhaustion, human loss, loss of dignity.

And still, these are the lucky ones, who did not die tragically at sea.

Embraced by the golden thermal blankets.

Only temporarily safe on the boats of MOAS.

What comes next, what will their destiny be?

Uncertain, and most likely a constant struggle for survival and basic human rights. It is up to Europe and to us living in democracies – are we willing to share our freedom, success, and privileges or will we keep turning the other cheek?

This piece is a part of the project “Out of Africa” focusing on the African migration crisis.

As Libya has become the gatekeeper to the safe haven of Europe many lay their lives in the hands of human smugglers. They set out on the 200 miles deadly journey on the Mediterranean Sea in overcrowded dinghies made of cheap plastic and equipped with tiny engines with limited fuel. Most of the boats are only made to just make it into international waters 13 miles from the coast of Libya.

30% of the profit of this painting will go to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station).

All Artworks from the Out of Africa MOAS Project are available online. Click the Saatchi logo for link.

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