fishers of men m.o.a.s out of africa art project

Painting: Watercolor, Charcoal on Paper.

The sun is putting on a spectacular show as it slowly sets over the Mediterranean sea.

Out of the distance appears a fishing boat.

But it is not there to catch fish. It is there to save immigrants from dying on the sea.

A ship carrying good people, doctors, food, medicine, and hope.

Their night’s watch has begun.

Soon they will spot the overcrowded dinghies with desperate souls sent out on a deadly mission by greedy smugglers.

This piece is a part of the project “Out of Africa” focusing on the African migration crisis.

As Libya has become the gatekeeper to the safe haven of Europe many lay their lives in the hands of human smugglers. They set out on the 200 miles deadly journey on the Mediterranean Sea in overcrowded dinghies made of cheap plastic and equipped with tiny engines with limited fuel. Most of the boats are only made to just make it into international waters 13 miles from the coast of Libya. MOAS and others alike are their only hope of survival…

30% of the profit of this painting will go to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station).

jonas freydal
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