This dystopian take on the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi’s famous painting “Asiatisk Plads” is a part of the project Sink About It Copenhagen. Exhibited as part of the “Climate Change – Nordic Impact” exhibition at Rebild Centeret running from Jun-August 2019. The buildings now house the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Drawing, watercolour 29 x 30 cm / 11,4×11,8 Inches. Watercolor. Sketch, to the Painting MINISTRY OF FLOATING AFFAIRS. A creation of a specific image or series of images, forming the whole or part of a composition intended to be completed by adding pigment color (paints, colored inks, etc). 

This denotes a completed stand-alone autonomous work.

This watercolor is a reminder to the politicians that thousands of liters of unstoppable glacial water are heading their way into their offices and homes.

jonas freydal
klimakunst climate change art
klimakunst climate change art