The scene is set outside the District Court of Justice in Copenhagen. Who is this girl with one square and another round oar? Balancing across the calm water towards Prisoners Gate.

First draft to the Painting IN JUST ITIA. Drawing 29 x 30 cm / 11,4×11,8 Inches

Meaning of Lady Justice Symbol

The blindfolded girl represents objectivity and impartiality, that justice should be meted out without fear or favor, regardless of money, wealth, or power.

She holds oars to represent the weighing of evidence, evidence must be weighed on its own merit.

The aim of law is the establishment of what is legitimate; provide legal security, and prevention of unjust actions.

Justice has only four major dimensions:

Social Justice

Economic Justice

Political Justice 

Legal Justice.

All these forms are totally inter-related and interdependent.

We need Climate Justice.

jonas freydal
klimakunst climate change art