HAIDA, early sketch 6 pack

JFTH’s point with the 6 pack rings: The fish represents a First Nation Canadian with plastic around his belly.

Early draft to a larger painting. Drawing and watercolor, 29 x 40 cm

Early sketch, to the Painting HAIDA. A creation of a specific image or series of images, forming the whole or part of a composition intended to be completed by adding pigment color (paints, colored inks, etc). This denotes a completed stand-alone autonomous work.

For 400 years Indigenous people welcomed successive waves of settlers to the upper half of North America. These newcomers would not have survived in our adverse climate and rugged habitat without Indigenous hospitality and expertise.

The Indigenous concept of inclusion leaves room for multiple identities and loyalties. It sees no contradiction between diversity and fairness. It imagines belonging as an inclusive circle that continuously expands regardless of where you have come from and adapts to changing circumstances. It seeks a balance between place, group, and individual.

In July 2012, entrepreneur Russ George dispersed 100 short tons (91 t) of iron sulphate dust into the Pacific Ocean several hundred miles west of the islands of Haida Gwaii. The Old Massett Village Council was persuaded to finance this geoengineering experiment as a “salmon enhancement project” with $1 million in village funds.